How To Play Flip Cup Drinking Game?

How To Play Flip Cup Drinking Game?
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Sunday, September 12, 2021
flip cup drinking game
Having a party at your home? How about making your fun double? Play a Flip Cup drinking game with your friends and make your gathering the most memorable ever.

The Flip Cup drinking game is a great way to relax and have a chill with friends. The rules are simple, and it is typically played as a team. So, it is known as a team-based relay-race drinking game.

As the game goes on, the competition between the teams heats up. So, are you ready to play the Flip Cup drinking game?

What do you need to play Flip Cup drinking game?

A group of players: Minimum of 4 members. You can also play with two people. However, the more, the merrier.

Table: To place the cups.

Cups: Plastics cups for each player.

Drinks: Fill the plastic cups with alcohol or any beverage you prefer. You can also use juice or soft drinks to avoid overdrinking.


First, divide into teams with an equal number of people in each group. Now, place the cups on the table horizontally with opposite team's players facing each other.

flip cup drinking game setup
Every member should be present and align according to the plastic cups.

Flip Cup drinking games rules

Once the game begins, the first members of each team drink alcohol from their cups. Then, they must place the cup on the edge of the table as shown below.
cup on the edge of the table
Now, with their fingers, they should flip the cup upside down. They should keep trying until the cup lands successfully.

flip the cup
Once the cup is upside down, the next player drinks the alcohol from his/her cup and tries to flip it. The game continues until the last member does the same.

The game's objective is to finish the alcohol and flip every cup faster than the opposing team. The winner can make a rule for the losing group. It can be anything. However, it should be fun and exciting.

Some points to remember:

- Other members cannot interfere in the middle.

- Players cannot help their own members. As long as it is about cheering and motivating him/her, it is okay. No touching the cups and aiding in flipping it.

In Conclusion

There you have it: this is how you play the Flip Cup drinking game. Isn't it exciting? It is one of the best ways to enjoy the party and gatherings and make it more lively. Make your own rules and have the best night of your life.

However, remember to drink responsibly.

To better understand this game, watch this YouTube video.


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