Best Content Sharing Platforms to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

Best Content Sharing Platforms to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic
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Sunday, June 13, 2021
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One of the biggest problems for any blogger or any website’s owners is not getting the traffic they want even if they have quality content on their site. It is so frustrating to not get enough traffic even if we try our best and create quality content. As a result, sometimes we feel like quitting and focus on other things. But before doing anything stupid to regret later, why not read this article and find out how to get traffic on your website.

You might have read many blog posts on increasing traffic on your site or might have watched many videos. But whatever blog post you read and videos you watch one thing is same and that is
  • Share your posts on Facebook groups
  • Share on your Facebook profile and page
  • Share on twitter
  • Share on LinkedIn profile
  • And many more
These strategies are very effective but besides these, there are other best ways to get traffic as well.

To tell you the truth, there are some Facebook pages that will help you on sharing your blog posts and give you some very good suggestions but most of the groups don’t. Nowadays, you will only find groups who like to share blog posts to exchange links and spam comments like share your blog posts and I will visit your site and you do the same. I don’t think this is a good idea. It is a bad practice that many users have such a mentality.

Doing this, you might get traffic temporarily but not organic search. What you should really focus on is getting organic traffic and good backlinks from good authority sites. Such practise will only let your websites get penalized.

So, in this article I will show you the best platforms to share your blog posts and let other users know about your blog posts and site. You will get good traffic from these platforms and even good backlinks.

Here is a list showing the best platforms to share your blog posts.

Best content sharing platforms


The first platform on my list is Hackernoon. Don’t be confused about the name and you might be thinking from the name it should be for hackers and related to programming. It's not like that. Hackernoon is a great platform for any blogger who wants more and more people to know about their blog. It has millions of viewers and thousands of contributors.

Hackernoon greatly supports bloggers who want the community to grow and create unique and original content. Your article even gets featured on their site and your article will be shared on Twitter and other platforms. Its monthly visitors count is 700,000+ meaning your blog posts get exposed to such a huge amount of visitors which is really awesome.

I recently knew about this great platform and started posting my blog posts as well as blog posts of the organization where I work. And so far the results have been astounding. We have been getting really good views from Hackernoon and backlinks as well.

Just register, edit your profile, and start writing posts. That’s it and you don’t need to worry about anything. Moderator will review, edit, and publish your article. But, not every article you write gets published. Based on their guidelines, your article might be rejected as well. So be sure to go through their guidelines to know what to do and what not.

Once your articles are published, more and more people will know about your site and article which is a great way to boost traffic on your website and boost digital presence as well.

Don’t let a great opportunity like this go to waste. Hackernoon is a great platform to share and read great blog posts. Share your blog posts and support others like you.

The biggest advantage of Hackernoon is that you can earn when your blog posts get published.

Check out Hackernoon yourself to know how great the platform is.


Another great platform on my list is Growthhackers. Like Hackernoon, Growthhackers is a blog sharing platform. I found out about it recently and started using it. Unlike Hackernoon where your blog posts get published on the platform itself, Growthhackers has a different working mechanism.

It redirects users directly to your site. You just need to add a title, add a summary of the post, the URL, and the tags. Then click on submit and your blog posts will get published. It takes time to get your account and blog posts reviewed and verified (mostly 2 days).

If your blog posts don’t get published, then you can directly mail them and they will start publishing your blog posts. You don’t need to mail them every time when you submit your blog posts. Once is enough. Your blog posts will get published when they verify your account. Their customer support service is really great.

Its monthly visitors count is 53,000+. It might not be as huge as Hackernoon, but it is gaining popularity recently and the visitors count is increasing day by day.


Every one might have heard about Pinterest at least once. Being one of the youngest social media platforms, it gained popularity right from the start that no other social media platforms got. It was the fastest social media platform in history to reach 10 million unique visitors.

Pinterest is an image-centric platform because of which it gained popularity instantly. Unlike any other platform you have ever seen, it is unique on its own. What differentiate it from others is that you create boards and pins and save them. Creating boards and pins allows other users on the platform to see them and save them on their own profile.

Still, many businesses don’t use this platform as much as they use Facebook and YouTube. They are still unaware about the power of the platform. It is 3x more effective in generating leads than many other social media platforms.

Its monthly visitor count is 668,000,000+ out of which 320 millions are active monthly users. 82 percent of weekly active users on Pinterest say they have bought products based on their brands’ content on the platform.

Pinterest is definitely a platform to share your blog posts and boost traffic on your website.

In Conclusion

Getting traffic on a website is what everyone hopes for.

So, check out these platforms. You won’t be disappointed with these platforms.

In my opinion, these are one of the best platforms to share your blog posts and boost the traffic on your website.

Hope this article helped you.


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